NS Mayport, FL - Gate Hours, Map and Status

    There are three gates at NS Maypport. The Main Gate is open 24 hours, and located near the intersection of Wonderwood and Mayport roads on the south side of the base. Gate 5 is open to both Commercial and POV traffic daily from 0500-1700. Seminole Gate hours are M-F: 0600-0800 Inbound only, M-Thu: 1500-1700 Outbound only and closed Fridays/weekends/holidays.

    Main Gate (Mayport Rd) - Main Gate
    Gate Operation Information: 24/7
    Gate 5 (Commercial)
    Gate Operation Information: Mon-Sun: 0500-1700 (Open to POV, as well)
    Seminole Gate (Hanna Park)
    Gate Operation Information: Inbound: Mon-Fri 0600-0800
    Outbound: Mon-Thu 1500-1700 (Closed to Outbound on Fridays)
    Closed Holidays